+28 Mini Rex Color Breeding Chart 2022

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+28 Mini Rex Color Breeding Chart 2022. The ears, nose, feet and tail are as dark blue as possible. Belly is divided from body color by a distinct border of tan.

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Though a relatively new breed, the mini rex is consistently the #1 or #2 top entry at any arba convention. Their head is broad and set close to the body and their body is medium in length in. Link to color crossing rules for mini rex rabbits

The Mini Rex Rabbit Has A Compact And Smooth Body.

Dilute examples of the above colours mentioned are blue, lilac, opal, cream, and squirrel. Hit ctrl+f and type in the rabbit's breed to help you search for it. Each colour has the following columns:

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Breeding steels to steels may give you black rabbits. You can breed them again 12 hrs. Shadeds, agouti, tan pattern, ticked, silvered.

The Body Color Is White.

* breeding only takes about 10 min. Just note that these are not true blacks. So people normally like to breed dense and dilute together for making dilutes.

A Confusing Colour If It Appears In Litters As Looks Like A Rew And With Age The Points Form.

Black, blue, chocolate, and lilac. Pattern on blacks and chocolates to be pale cream on belly, underside of chin and tail. * you must bring the doe to the bucks cage, does are territorial and will do anything to protect her cage from the intruding buck.

As Fairly New Rabbit Breeders, We Found This Information Very Helpful With Our Own Mini Rex Program.

Posted on 17 march 2017 by nastasjja rabbitry. We thank them for sharing their knowledge. I have included a link to a few rabbit genetic sites in the “links” section.

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