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Get More Indoor Plant With Purple Flowers References. Like a prayer plant, the purple oxalis will fold its leaves at night and open them in the morning. Native to brazil, oxalis plants display unique pinwheel foliage and a wealth of starry blossoms.

Night Shades (With images) Purple garden, Indoor plants
Night Shades (With images) Purple garden, Indoor plants from

Purple freesia (freesia sp.) 8. Monkshood prefers constantly damp soil and shade and enjoys zones 4. Blossoming atop a tall stem, monkshood unfolds a deep purple hue that is quite breathtaking.

Artificial Flower Pots Are Beautiful, Realistic And Colorful, Which Is Very Suitable For Interior Decoration.

Some varieties produce purple leaves or foliage with deeper accent markings. Wandering jew (tradescantia zebrina) 3. The plant tolerates a wide ph range from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.

Garden Heliotrope Garden Heliotrope Is A Perennial Bush With Purple Flowers In Clusters This Tall Purple Perennial Flowering Shrub Produces Clusters Of Bright Tiny Purple Flowers.

Goldfinches eat the seed in winter. Purple heart plants will grow best in soil that's lightweight, porous, and moist. Its flamboyant foliage with ivy shaped leaves is a rich purple color that remains stunning all year around.

Snow White Waffle Plant Botanical Name:

Also known as wolfsbane, devil’s bane, blue rocket, and friar’s cap, monkshood has been used historically as a poison. Beautiful flowering plants can add color to any indoor space, functioning as part of the decor while also providing a variety of benefits. This annual plant is a showstopper and is cherished for its amazing foliage.

Purple Freesia (Freesia Sp.) 8.

Begonia maori haze (also known as begonia rex beleaf) is an unscented tropical plant with a striking purple leaf pattern and shape. Pasqueflower dalmatian bellflower lily turf pincushion flower aster ‘wood’s purple’ crocus ‘spring beauty’ and crocus ‘flower record’ hyacinth ‘miss saigon’ creeping thyme bee balm ‘balmy purple’ ‘pike’s peak purple’ beardtongue cardoon cranesbill ornamental onion ‘ambassador’ bearded iris This sweet potato vine, also known as ipomoea batatas, is one of the most flexible and appealing indoor plants.

Monkshood Prefers Constantly Damp Soil And Shade And Enjoys Zones 4.

Growing purple passion houseplants (gynura aurantiaca) offers an unusual and attractive houseplant for the brightly lit indoor area.the young purple passion plant has velvety leaves and thick, deep purple hairs on a green colored leaf with a cascading habit, making it perfect for an inside hanging basket. Click on image to view plant details. Since purple passion plants are prone to mealybugs and spider mites, check if the leaves are in good shape.

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