+28 Frontosa Cichlid Breeding References

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+28 Frontosa Cichlid Breeding References. As one of the african great lakes, tanganyika is home to a broad diversity of dazzling fish. It’s preferable to keep 6 to 8 fish to allow them to organically couple up.

+28 Frontosa Cichlid Breeding References
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Once she has laid her eggs the male will fertilize them. Feed your frontosa cichlids are varied diet to ensure optimal health and promote breeding. Then, the male comes around and fertilizes those eggs.

One Other Important Factor Is Water Temperature, The Ideal Temperature Is Between 74 To 80 Fahrenheit (25 To 30 Degree Celsius).

If you go with a small harem, you need to upgrade to 150 gallons (568 l). The frontosa cichlid is a challenging cichlid to breed. There might be around 50 eggs which will seem very large.

Like Most Cichlids, Frontosas Breed Easily.

And you’ll need to keep that in mind when you consider your aquarium setup. They breed in a certain way, this involves a male and a female, and they will both display each other to show that they are ready to mate. A large breeding colony can produce a hundred fry a month.

The Home Of Frontosa Cichlids.

But note that you don’t do it time and again. Next, refill the tank with slightly cooler water. These cichlids are less aggressive than most of the other african cichlids, making them more ideal for the home aquarium.

It's A Bit Tricky To Tell The Males From The Females, But The Cranial Hump On The Heads Of The.

Frontosa cichlid is also known by its scientific name cyphotilapia frontosa, which also can be found with the name frontosa burundi. In a circle te male will come around to spray milt over the eggs. As one of the african great lakes, tanganyika is home to a broad diversity of dazzling fish.

There Are Different Variations Of The Popular Frontosa Cichlid Which Mainly Come From Slight Colour Variations Although The Kigoma Frontosa Has 7.

During the mating season, one male with numerous females would be optimal. However, the video below from ricky kenerly cichlids is a great overview on how to breed these fish. Nicknamed frontosa, this very distinguishable fish is a highly prized and highly priced cichlid in the aquarium industry.

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