Always Wax Begonia Plant References

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Always Wax Begonia Plant References. Most wax begonias are neat, mounding plants with colorful blooms in pink, yellow, white, and red hues. Typically grown as annuals, the plants have dark green waxy leaves and white, pink, or red flowers.

Always Wax Begonia Plant References
Begonia Plant Care & Growing Tips from

Wax begonias are ideal plants for outdoor gardens but you may also grow them in your home or in the greenhouse. Begonias bloom continuously throughout the summer and early fall. 5) dig a hole at least six inches deep, break up the roots of your plant if necessary, and place the plant in the hole.

Since The Victorian Age, People Are Growing And Using These Plants For Decorations.

Wax begonia ( begonia semperflorens) are very popular because of their blooming ability, durability and good looks. If you live in a cooler region of the country, plant begonias in the full sun the varieties with bronze foliage tend to do better in full sun than those with green leaves. As such, there are lots of colors to choose from including pink, yellow and white.

Wax Begonias Can Be Grown Indoors As Houseplants Or As Annuals Outdoors.

In around 30 days, the tubers should sprout, and you can move them to a brighter location. A recent group of hybrids derived from this group is marketed as dragonwing begonias; For wax begonias in the garden, water around the base of your plant, close to the soil, with 1 inch of water.

In The Sun Plants Are Shorter And Develop Somewhat More Flowers Than In The Shade.

Wax begonias ( begonia semperflorens) are a firework of flowers. Semperflorens begonias, commonly called wax begonias, are one of the most popular bedding plants in the western world. They bloom in clusters of red, white, yellow, or pink flowers, and some varieties are pleasantly fragrant.

If They Receive Sufficient Amount Of Sunshine, Their Leaves Will Get A Shiny Bronze Color, Which Gives These Plants Very Striking Appearance.

Always water your wax begonia by hand using a hose or watering can and if you must water from overhead, for example using a sprinkler, do it in the morning so the leaves can dry out before nightfall. Most people are familiar with them as outdoor plants as they are popular in landscaping as bedding plants. The wax begonia is a plant that thrives in growing zones 10 and 11 as perennials, but they can also grow in other zones within the country as annuals.

Varieties Of Wax Begonias ‘Super Olympia ’:

Some, but not all varieties are fragrant as well. What is wax begonia plant? Plant begonia tubers in the ground when there’s no longer a risk of frost.

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