How To Plant Petunia Seeds Free

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How To Plant Petunia Seeds Free. Gently press them down, but. Amend poor soil with compost prior to planting.

How to Collect Petunia Seeds YouTube
How to Collect Petunia Seeds YouTube from

You can also start your petunia seeds in eggshells. Resist the urge to cover the seeds with soil, petunia seeds need light to germinate. Take a small pot preferably of around 36 inch dia, and around 10 inches deep.

I Repeat Do Not Cover Your Seeds With Soil!

For germination to be successful the petunia seeds must be kept warm and moist. It would be best if you considered cutting. A commercially prepared medium, such as jiffy mix, is a good germination medium.

If Planting The Petunia Seeds In The Trays With Cells Then Plant One Seed Per Cell.

You can also start your petunia seeds in eggshells. Flatten the surface of the soil and press lightly then water. Petunia seeds are tiny and take a long time to mature.

Fill The Chosen Pots With Quality Potting Mix, Such As Yates Potting Mix With Dynamic Lifter.

If starting the seeds early, it is ideal to germinate the seeds indoors in a warm place using bottom heat more than 25c no more than 27c. Prepare the seeds for sprouting. Next put on it 6 inches of prime river bed soil (bhal as it is called in the subcontinent) water it lightly with a misty spray to settle it into the pot.

It Takes A Petunia Seedling Roughly Twelve Weeks To Grow Strong Enough To Be Planted Outside, So Make Sure You Start Them In Late February Or Early March.

Remember to clean or sterilize your trays before using them. Sow the seeds directly into the pot by pressing them lightly into the mix and water well. Sow the petunia seeds as thinly as possible.

Use Clean Potting Compost Or Soil In Germination Trays To Start Of Your Seeds.

The petunia seeds should germinate in four days without fail as long as you prevent them from getting damp. Maintain the medium moist and cover the container with a plastic bag. Choose a pot at least 200 mm wide and deep.


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