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The Lazy Cake. And if, miraculously, there's anything left, Lazy Cake will stay good in the freezer for up to one week. Namrata is a writer and designer with a passion for food, art, and all things creative. A chocolate-plain cookiecold cake, made using real chocolate.

What I like about this cake is that you can freeze leftover pieces for other occasions or lunch snacks. Lazy cake is also known as chocolate biscuit cake, and as mentioned above there's so many variations you can make. Try adding a scoop of Nutella to the chocolate for Nutella lazy cake. You can have The Lazy Cake using 4 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of The Lazy Cake

  1. It’s of Strawberry pudding.
  2. You need of chocolate pudding.
  3. You need of sponge cake, shop Brought or homemade.
  4. It’s of sprinkles.

Mix in your favorite nuts or dried fruit. Try adding mini marshmallows for a rocky road take. Add a mix of biscuits, or chopped up candy bar pieces. This lazy cake may also be known as “Marie biscuit cake” as it's usually made with the famous Marie biscuits.

The Lazy Cake instructions

One time I was entertaining and cooking up a grand dinner for my friends. I was so busy planning the dinner menu and making sure the mains were taken care of, that on the morning of, I. Growing up as a young Palestinian woman in Australia, Sarah embraced food as a love language, but found herself conflicted while trying to adhere to the societal pressures and standards of beauty forced upon young women in the western world. Spoon the biscuit mixture onto the center of the foil in the shape of a log/loaf (lengthwise). Tightly wrap the aluminum foil around the “log” shape and seal the ends.

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