Recipe: Delicious Cake perfait

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Cake perfait. Grab a jar or cup, and fill the bottom with a bit of your leftover cake or cupcake, followed by a layer of sprinkles, whipped cream, fruit, or whatever else you like, followed by a layer of leftover frosting. Repeat until you've filled up the glass, then top with a little extra frosting and maybe some sprinkles. These parfaits not only look amazing, but they are wonderfully cool, sweet and tangy.

Rainbow cake recipe HOW TO MAKE CUP CAKES FOR SALE You can assemble a giant parfait in a big bowl for people to scoop from, or set up a DIY parfait bar and let people build their own. The homemade cake is made with siggi's yogurt and is lower in sugar than a traditional cake. Want to taste delicious cakes in Chennai? You can have Cake perfait using 5 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Cake perfait

  1. Prepare of Scrambled cake.
  2. It’s 1 cup of Whipping cream.
  3. It’s of Milk. 3spn.
  4. Prepare of Cold water. Half cup.
  5. Prepare of Sprinkles 1 spn.

Using the recipe on the Dixie Crystals site (link below) mix up this tasty birthday sprinkle cake and bake according to the directions. Let the Cake Cool and Crumble it Once the cake is cooled, crumble it! The summer berry season is a real treat. This is an easy way to enjoy berries with cheesecake, which is a refreshing change from traditional pudding and fruit parfaits. —Patricia Schroedl, Jefferson, Wisconsin.

Cake perfait instructions

Mix cream cheese, butter, and powdered sugar with mixer in a medium bowl. Fold in cool whip until well blended. In a separate bowl mix pudding mix and milk with a whisk. Once combined well, add pudding to cream cheese mixture. Place a few tablespoons of Oreo crumbs in your container of choice.

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